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candyforninjas's Journal

Candy For Ninjas
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candy for ninjas

the train station was full of teeny boppers, they all wanted to look at my t-shirt. Unfortunatelly for them, I had already eaten.

Today was a bad poem, pseudo-satanists and capri pants abound... The Speed makes you horny, it also makes it harder to climax. It really is your father's Oldsmobile after all.

The tattoos are free, but the air costs money in this town. You move, but you cannot escape. A critical failure. I need to call my father.

Delete the e-mails from friends, save the ads for porn while screaming 'hail eris'

fall in love with those who won't talk to you and talk shit about the ones that fuck you... but only when it applies to your own narcissism.

paranoia is your birthright, lust is your birthmark, and intelligence is your deformity... we were all retarded in the wrong way, the gimpy little arms of your ego.

you may be dissaffected, but you're not alone.


stream of concioussness, bad poetry that doesn't pretend otherwise, ranting, and psychobabble...

this is where I put mine, and I think that you should put yours...