The Salisbury Ninja (tsninja) wrote in candyforninjas,
The Salisbury Ninja

I put myself on a pedestal I thought you built for me
And I wore the awards that I thought you'd given me
And I rode around in the carriage you'd send for me
Performing the missions I thought you'd entrusted to me
I did your bidding
Carried myself with the dignity of the status you bestowed to me
And I was grateful to be in your court
And I was grateful to be counted in your number
The reflection of me in your eyes, I didn't believe it
I never believed it
But I thought that you did
You and your false impressions were like gold and silver to me
Hope and light in the darkness and all that shit
I guess I knew it was always shit

But I didn't think that you did, too

You'll talk to anyone else but me
You'll make dates with anyone else but me

I lied and said I was happy that you were happy
I lied and said I didn't love you
I did what I was supposed to do

And I'm on the outside now.

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