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*waves* Hi, I'm new.

You've soaked into me
Into evr'y nook and cranny
Every fibrous pore of me contains a dose or two of you
Dripping thickly off my skin
Clumping heavily onto my chair
And in my lap as I tie my shoes
Getting in my eyes and in my way
The gravy of your memory
Cooking up in my brain
Hot and juicy every morning
Available all day.

I am the French bread
The Au Jus of you is what makes me worth anything
The sauce in this plain Jeanette
Even as it breaks me down, leaving me
And dribbling off the plate
A delicious and salty mess in one corner of the paper plate
Slightly obscuring the pink flowers underneath me
Striped naked,
As I've been robbed of my red peppers.

In some parts of the world
I am a meal unto myself
I am the stuff life is made of
I am worshipped- they have fesitvals to me
I am the body of Jesus Fucking Christ.

In your absence I am a sloppy mess
Sinking deeper with the forces of gravity
Into the stinky abyss between the coffee grinds from a week ago
And the exploding milk carton.

I am delicious gooey goo.
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